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Month: August 2016

The Woman in Cabin 10

By Ruth Ware

August 1, 2016

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This was meant to be the perfect trip.

The Northern Lights.  A luxury press launch on a boutique cruise ship.  A chance for travel journalist Lo Blacklock to recover from a traumatic break-in.

Except things don’t go as planned.

Woken in the night by screams, Lo rushes to her window to see a body thrown overboard from the next door cabin.  But the records show that no one ever checked in to that cabin, and no passengers are missing from the boat.

Exhausted, emotional and increasingly desperate, Lo has to face the fact that she may have made a terrible mistake.  Or she is trapped on board a boat with a murderer – and she is the sole witness…

The Last Mile

By David Baldacci

August 1, 2016

Melvin Mars awaits his fate on Death Row.  He was on of America’s most promising football stars until, aged twenty, he was arrested and convicted for the murder of his parents just as he was due to begin a very lucrative contract with the NFL.

When Amos Decker, newly appointed as a special agent with the FBI, hears the news that Melvin was saved in the final seconds before his execution because someone else confessed to the killings, he persuades his boss to allow him to carry out an investigation into the Mars murders.

There are facts about the case that don’t add up and, as the investigation deepens, Decker and his team uncover layer upon layer of lies and deception rooted in a period of American history that most would rather forget, but which some seem keen to remember.

There is someone out there with a lot to hide, and a secret everyone is looking for.  A race against time ensues because, when revealed, that information threatens to tear apart to corridors of power at the very highest level.

The case proves to be life-changing for both Mars and Decker in ways that neither could ever have imagined.

Die of Shame

By Mark Billingham

August 1, 2016

Every Monday evening, six people gather in a smart north London house to talk about addiction.  There they share their deepest secrets: stories of lies, regret, and above all shame.

Then one of them is killed – and it’s clear one of the circle was responsible.

Detective Inspector Nicola Tanner quickly finds her investigation hampered by the strict confidentiality that binds these people and their therapist together.  So what could be shameful enough to cost someone their life?  And how do you find the truth when denial and deception are second nature to all of your suspects?

Friday On My Mind

By Nicci French

August 1, 2016

Your ex-lover is murdered.  With no other leads the police make you their chief suspect…

When the police pull a body from the Thames, the name tag on the wrist says it’s ‘Dr F. Klein’ and the cut throat tells them it was murder.  But appearances are deceptive – for Dr Frieda Klein was once the lover of the dead man, Sandy.  Now she’s the only suspect.

Frieda can let the police take her in, or run and try to clear her name.  But that means being a fugitive.  And alone and vulnerable is exactly where Sandy’s killer wants Frieda to be…

Three Sisters, Three Queens

By Philippa Gregory

August 1, 2016

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‘There is only one bond that I trust: between a woman and her sisters.  We never take our eyes off each other.  In love and in rivalry, we always think of each other.’

When Katherine of Aragon is brought to the Tudor court as a young bride, the oldest princess, Margaret, takes her measure.  With one look, each knows the other for a rival, an ally, a pawn, destined – with Margaret’s younger sister Mary – to a sisterhood unique in all the world.  The three sisters will become the queens of England, Scotland and France.

United by family loyalties and affections, the three queens find themselves set against each other.  Katherine commands an army against Margaret and kills her husband, James IV of Scotland.  But Margaret’s boy becomes heir to the Tudor throne when Katherine loses her son.  Mary steals the widowed Margaret’s proposed husband, but when Mary is widowed it is her secret marriage for love that is the envy of the others.

As they experience betrayals, dangers, loss and passion, the three sisters find that the only constant in their perilous lives as their special bond, more powerful than any man, even a king.

Love You Dead

By Peter James

August 1, 2016

Reviewed on Wireless Books Otago Access Radio 105.4FM

An ugly duckling as a child, Jodie Bentley had two dreams in life – to be beautiful and rich.  She’s achieved the first, with a little help from a plastic surgeon, and now she’s working hard on the second.  Her philosophy on money is simple: you can either earn it or marry it.  Marrying is easy, it’s getting rid of the husband afterwards that’s harder, that takes real skill.  But hey, practice makes perfect…

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is feeling the pressure from his superiors, his previous case is still giving him sleepless nights, there have been major developments with his missing wife Sandy, and an old adversary is back.  But worse that all of this, he now believes a Black Widow is operating in his city.  One with a venomous mind…and venomous skills.  Soon Grace comes to the frightening realization that he may have underestimated just how dangerous this lady is.

Dark Forces

By Stephen Leather

August 1, 2016

Reviewed Wireless Books Otago Access Radio 105.4FM

A violent South London gang will be destroyed if Dan ‘Spider’ Sheherd can gather enough evidence against them while posing as a ruthless hitman.  What he doesn’t know is that his work as an undercover agent for MI5 is about to intersect with the biggest terrorist operation ever carried out on British soil.

Only weeks before Shepherd witnessed a highly skilled IS sniper escape from a targeted missile strike in Syria.  But never in his wildest dreams did he expect to next come across the shooter in a grimy East London flat.

Spider’s going to have to proceed with extreme caution if he is to prevent the death of hundreds of people, but at the same time, when the crucial moment comes he will have to act decisively.  The clock is ticking and only he stands between us and Armageddon…

Death in Sunset Grove

By Minna Lindgren

August 1, 2016

Reviewed on Wireless Books Otago Access Radio

Good detectives come in all manner of guises…

Siiri and Irma are best friends and queen bees at Sunset Grove, a retirement community for those still young at heart.  With a combined age of nearly 180, Siiri and Irma are still just as inquisitive and witty as when they first met decades ago.

But when their comfortable world is upturned by a suspicious death at Sunset Grove, Siiri and Irma are shocked into doing something about it.  Determined to find out exactly what happened and why, they begin their own private investigations and form The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency.

The trouble is, beneath Sunset Grove’s calm facade there is more going on than meets the eye – will Siiri and Irma discover more than they bargained for?

truly madly guilty (August 2016)

By Liane Moriarty

August 1, 2016

If Only They’d Said No…

Clementine is haunted by regret.  It was just a barbeque.  They didn’t even know their hosts that well, they were friends of friends.  They could so easily have said no.

But she and her husband Sam said yes, and now they can never change what they did adn didn’t do that Sunday afternoon.

Six responsible adults.  Three cute kids.  One playful dog.  It’s an ordinary weekend in the suburbs.  What could possibly go wrong?

Marriage, sex, parenhood and friendship:  Liane Moriarty takes these elements of our lives and shows us how guilt can expose the fault lines in any relationship, and it is not until we appreciate the fragility of life that we can truly value what we have.

The Slaughter Man

By Tony Parsons

August 1, 2016

Reviewed Wireless Books Otago Access Radio

A Murdered Family

On New Year’s Day, a wealthy family is found dead in their exclusive gated community, their youngest son stolen away.

A Dying Serial Killer

The murder weapon leads Detective Max Wolfe to a killer who thirty years ago was known as the Slaughter Man.

But the Slaughter Man is now old and dying.  Can he really be back in the game?

A Missing Child

All Max knows is that he needs to find the child and stop the killer before he destroys another innocent family.

Or finds his way to Max’s own front door…

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