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We have completed reading the Janet Frame autobiography

We started weekly readings of Janet Frame’s To The Is-land in June last year and steadily worked our way through all three volumes.  In total it took us about nine months and we ended up with a small but passionate group who adored getting to know Janet Frame in this way.  We all agreed that… Read More

2019 New Reading List for the Athenaeum Book Club

December got a bit crazy so we held The Cork Dork over until our first meeting of 2019. We have finalised most of our 2019 reading list starting with William Goldman’s The Princess Bride for March.  Most of us have seen the movie but I think that the original book is even better, so there… Read More

Book Launch – then the wind came by Iona Winter

Iona’s book launch went off without a hitch.  She had a good crowd and sold a lot of books which was great to see. I have included a number of photo’s I took on the night.

September 2018 Newsletter

It is always slightly anxiety provoking holding an event.  After the initial excitement of coming up with what you think is a good idea, you start to harbour doubts as the nominated date comes closer and all the ways that things could go wrong begin to haunt you.  So I am delighted and slightly smug… Read More

Dan Davin Event to celebrate publication of A Field Officer’s Notebook

Sadly ill health forced Vincent O’Sullivan to pull out and we missed his personal insights but Phillippa Duffy from the UBS stepped up and shared the story of how she came to Dan Davin.  Her passion for Davin’s writing got us off to an electrifying start. Fiona Farrell shared the story of how as a… Read More

2018 Ngaio Marsh Crime Awards

Jennifer Lane’s first novel All Our Secrets has won the 2018 Ngaio Marsh Crime Awards.  It is sitting on our shelves just waiting for you to take it out.

New Reading List for Athenaeum Book Club

For September we are doing something different – two books by the same author: Killers of the Flower Moon and The Lost City of Z by David Grann.  Grann is a writer for the New Yorker and both books started life as articles in that magazine. In October Christine choose The Dark Flood Rises by… Read More

The second Frame Your Lunch reading

When we decided to do weekly lunchtime readings I thought how it would happen was that people would come, listen to the reading and then leave but something interesting has started to happen. During the reading everyone (including the reader) goes into a type of revelry and then when the reading is over we all… Read More

Fresh new layout for the Athenaeum

We have been busy removing shelves and putting them against the walls to open the space up.  It is looking fantastic (if I do say so myself) even though we are still part way through replacing the books.  This is all part of a grand scheme – more of which later…

A new look Website

You may have noticed that the website is looking very different. We have updated it for a more elegant (we think) look. Let us know what you think.

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