Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Die Alone (November 2019)

By Simon Kernick

December 3, 2019

Alastair Sheridan has it all.  Wealth, good looks, a beautiful wife and children and, in the chaotic world of British politics, a real chance of becoming Prime Minister.

But Alastair also has a secret.  He’s a serial killer with a taste for young woman.

Only a handful of people know what kind of monster he is, and disgraced detective Ray Mason is one of them.

Awaiting trial for murder, Ray is unexpectedly broken free by armed men and given an offer: assassinate Alastair Sheridan and begin a new life abroad with a new identity.

The men claim to be from MI6.  They say that Sheridan is a threat to national security and needs to be neutralized.  Ray knows they are not who they say they are, and that their real motives are far darker.

The only person Ray trusts is ex-cop and former lover Tina Boyd, who’s keen to settle her own scores with Sheridan.

With enemies on every side, only one thing is certain.

No one wants them to get out alive.

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