Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Accusation (October 2019)

By Wendy James

October 24, 2019

A Bizarre Abduction.  A Body of Damning Evidence.  A World of Betrayal.

After eighteen-year-old Ellie Canning is found shivering and barely conscious on a country road, her bizarre story of kidnap and escape enthralls the nation.  Who would do such a thing?  And why?

Local drama teacher Suzannah Wells, once a minor celebrity, is new to town.  Suddenly she’s in the spotlight again, accused of being the monster who drugged and bound a teenager in her basement.  As stories about Suzannah’s past emerge, even those closest to her begin to doubt her innocence.

And Ellie?  The media can’t get enough of her.  She’s a girl-power icon, a social-media star.  But is she telling the truth?

A powerful exploration of the fragility of trust and the loss of innocence.

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