Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Fallen Architect (March 2019)

By Charles Belfoure

April 9, 2019

Someone has to take the blame.

When the Britannia Theatre’s balcony collapses, killing more than a dozen people, the fingers point at the architect.  He should have known better, should have made it safer, should have done something.

Douglas Layton knows the flaw wasn’t in his design, but he can’t fight a guilty verdict.  When he is finally released from prison, he has nothing: no job, no family, nowhere to go.  He needs to assume a new identity and rebuild his life.

But he soon finds himself digging up the past in a way he never anticipated.  If the collapse was not an accident…who caused it?  And why?  And what if they find out who he used to be?

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