Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Party (September 2018)

By Robyn Harding

September 25, 2018

One invitation.  A lifetime of regrets.

Sweet sixteen.  It’s an exciting rite of passage.  Jeff and Kim Sanders plan on throwing a party for their daughter, Hannah – a good girl with excellent grades and nice friends.  Rather than an extravagant affair, they invite four girls over for pizza, movies and a sleepover.  What could possibly go wrong?

But things do go wrong, and Hannah’s party quickly turns into the stuff of nightmares.  After a tragic accident occurs, Jeff and Kim’s life begins to unravel.  In the ugly aftermath, friends become enemies, dark secrets are exposed, and the truth about Hannah is revealed.

The Party takes us behind the façade of the ideal family, exposing the betrayals and moral lapses that occur behind closed doors – and the secrets that children and parents keep from themselves and one another.

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