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The Widow

By Fiona Barton

April 1, 2016

The Wife

Jean Taylor’s life was blissfully ordinary.  Nice house, nice husband.  Glan was all she’d ever wanted: her Prince Charming.  But then everything changed.

The Husband

The newspapers found a new name for Glen: MONSTER, they shrieked.  Jean was married to a man accused of the unimaginable.  And as the years ticked by, with no sign of the little girl he had been accused of taking, their lives were constantly splashed across the front pages.

The Widow

But now Glen is dead and she’s along for the first time, free to tell her story on her own terms.

Jean Taylor is going to tell us what she knows.

Fool Me Once

By Harlan Coben

April 1, 2016

If your husband was murdered

And you were a witness

How do you explain it when he
appears on you nanny cam?

You thought you trusted him.

Now you can’t even trust yourself.

Dark secrets and a terrifying hunt
for the truth lie at the heart of this
gripping new thriller.

The Steel Kiss

By Jeffery Deaver

April 1, 2016

Smart technology is everywhere.  It makes our lives easier, our connections faster and journeys quicker.  But in the wrong hands, it can kill…

Detective Amelia Sachs is hot on the trail of a murderer, chasing him through a Brooklyn department store, when her pursuit is fatally interrupted.  An escalator gives way, forcing Sachs down into the machinery to help the man trapped in its depths…and enabling the suspect to flee.

But was it simply a freak accident?  Could the killer’s presence in the store really be a coincidence?

As the body count threatens to grow, Sachs and forensic expert Lincoln Rhyme realise they are facing one of their most formidable opponents ever.  Someone able to turn the most commonplace product into murder weapon.  Someone who can kill by remote control…

The Forgetting Time

By Sharon Guskin

April 1, 2016

Noah is four and wants to go home.  The only trouble is, he’s already there.

Janie’s son is her world, and it breaks her heart that he has nightmares.  That he’s terrified of water.  That he sometimes pushes her away and screams that he wants his real mother.  That it’s getting worse and worse and no one seems to be able to help.

In desperation, she turns to someone who might have an answer – but it may not be one she’s ready to hear.

It may also mean losing the one thing she loves more than anything.  Noah.

Making It Up as I Go Along

By Marian Keyes

April 1, 2016

‘Fabulous shoes,
my badly made stews,
an Antarctic cruise and
ten pounds to lose.

Having to schmooze when
I’d far rather snooze

Skin care and bad hair and
what should I wear?

All kinds of views, which
I hope will amuse…’

Welcome to the magnificent Making It Up as I Go Along – aka the World According to Marian Keyes – a bold, brilliant book bursting with Marian’s hilarious and heartfelt observations on modern life, love and much, much else besides.

Such as? you are determined to ask.

Well, how about her guide to breaking up with your hairdresser?  Or the warning she has for us all after a particularly traumatic fling with fake tan?  There’s the pure and bounteous joy of the nail varnish museum, not to mention the very best lies to tell if you find yourself on an Antarctic cruise.  She has words of advice for those fast approaching fifty.  And she’s here to tell you the secret, secret truth about writers – well, this one anyway.

You’ll be wincing in recognition and scratching your head in incredulity, but like Marian herself you won’t be able to stop laughing at the sheer delightful absurdity that is modern life – because each and every one of us is clearly making it up as we go along.

The Summer Before The War

By Helen Simonson

April 1, 2016

East Sussex, 1914.  It’s the end of an idyllic summer and Hugh Grange, down from his medical studies, is visiting his Aunt Agatha in the pretty coastal town of Rye.  Casting aside the recent sabre-rattling over the Balkans, Agatha has more immediate concerns; she has just risked her carefully built reputation by pushing for the appointment of a woman to replace the Latin master.

When Beatrice Nash arrives, it is clear she is significantly more free thinking – and attractive – than anyone believes a Latin teacher should be.  For her part, mourning the death of her beloved father who has left her penniless, Beatrice simply wants to be left alone to pursue her teaching and writing.

But just as Beatrice comes alive to the beauty of the Sussex landscape, and the colourful characters that populate Rye, the perfect summer is about to end.  For despite Agatha’s reassurances, the unimaginable is coming.  Soon, everything will be tested as this small Sussex town and its inhabitants go to war.

Before The War

By Fay Weldon

April 1, 2016

A novel of Love, Death and Aristocracy in Twenties London

Consider Vivien in November 1922.  She is twenty-four, and a spinster.  She wears fashionably droopy clothes, but she is plain and – worse in those times – intelligent.

Fortunately Vivien is rich, so she can bribe somebody to marry her.  What nobody knows is that Vivien is pregnant, and will die in childbrith in just a few months…

Inventive, warm, playful and full of Weldon’s trademark ironic edge, this is a spellbinding historical novel from one of the best novelists of our time.

The Gangster

By Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

March 1, 2016

The Perpetrators
It is 1906, and in New York City the Italian crime group known as the Black Hand is on a menacing spree: kidnapping, extortion, arson.

The Investigator
Detective Isaac Bell of the Van Dorn Agency is hired to form a special ‘Black Hand Squad’, but the gangsters appear to be everywhere.  So much so that Bell begins to wonder if there are imitator mobs emerging – other criminals using the Black Hand name to further terrorize the city.

Where will it lead?
But then the murders begin, each one of a man more powerful than the last.  Bell knows that copycat or not he’s facing a lethal organisation, and to his dismay their ultimate target may be the most powerful man of all.

Thursday’s Child

By Nicci French

March 1, 2016

Two crimes, generations apart…

Twenty years ago, teenager Frieda Kiein was brutally attacked in her own home.  No one believed her – not the police, not her mother, not her friends.  She left town, trained as a psychologist and never went back.

Now an old classmate has shown up.  She wants help with her daughter, who claims to have been attacked at home.  An attack eerily similar to the one on Frieda.  No one else believes the girl’s story.

Now – with a school reunion in the offing – Frieda returns to the darkness she fled.  To the small town that refused to help her and which hides a terrible secret.  Because someone at the reunion knows what happened.

And they’ll stop at nothing to prevent Frieda discovering the truth…

Find Her

By Lisa Gardner

March 1, 2016

I escaped
My name is Flora Dane and I was kidnapped from a beach on spring break.  I spent 472 days with my captor before I was found.

I survived
I’ve spent the last five years trying to reacquaint myself with the rhythms of my life.  But everything is different.  I’ve had to learn how to protect myself in this dangerous new world.

I’m reckless
There are other predators out there and I’ll do anything to stop them.  Am I a victim or a vigilante?  Detective D.D. Warren doesn’t know.  Sometimes neither do I.

When another girl disappears, I know I have to Find Her, whatever it takes, even if it means putting myself in danger again…

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