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Month: September 2020

The Girl in the Mirror (September 2020)

By Rose Carlyle

September 7, 2020

Identical twins only look the same…

Beautiful twin sisters Iris and Summer are startlingly alike, but beyond what the eye can see lies a darkness that sets them apart.  Cynical and insecure, Iris has long been envious of open-hearted Summer’s seemingly never-ending good fortune, including her perfect husband, Adam.

Called to Thailand to help sail the family yacht to the Seychelles, Iris nurtures her own secret hopes for what might happen on the journey.  But when she unexpectedly finds herself alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean, everything changes.

Now is her chance to take what she’s always wanted – the idyllic life she’s always coveted.  But just how far will she go to get the life she’s dreamed about?  And how will she make sure no one discovers the truth?

Playing Nice (September 2020)

By JP Delaney

September 7, 2020

Pete Riley answers the door one morning to a parent’s worst nightmare.  On his doorstep is Miles Lambert, who breaks the devastating news that Pete’s two-year-old, Theo, isn’t Pete’s real son – their babies got mixed up at birth.

The two families – Pete, his partner Maddie, and Miles and his wife Lucy – agree that, rather than swap the boys back, they’ll try to find a more flexible way to share their children’s lives.  But a plan to sue the hospital triggers an investigation that unearths disturbing questions about just what happened the day the babies were switched.

And when Theo is thrown out of nursery for hitting other children, Maddie and Pete have to ask themselves: how far do they want this arrangement to go?  What secrets lie hidden behind the Lamberts’ smart front door?  How much can they trust the real parents of their child – or even each other?

Moonflower Murders (September 2020)

By Anthony Horowitz

September 7, 2020

Retired publisher Susan Ryeland is running a small hotel on a Greek island with her long-term boyfriend.  It should be everything she’s always wanted but is it?

She’s exhausted with the responsibilities of making things work on an island where nothing ever does.  And she’s beginning to miss her literary life in London.

Then an English couple come to visit, and the story they tell about a murder that took place on the same day and in the same hotel in which their daughter, Cecily, was married is such a strange one that Susan is fascinated by it.

And when they tell her that Cecily went missing a few short hours after reading the crime novel Susan edited some years previously, Susan knows she must return to London to find out what happened.

The clues to the murder and to Cecily’s disappearance must lie within the pages of this novel.

But what Susan cannot know it that very soon her own life will be in mortal danger…

Still Life (September 2020)

By Val McDermid

September 7, 2020

‘The bodies never stay buried for ever …’

On a freezing winter morning, fishermen pull a body from the sea.  It is quickly discovered that the dead man was the prime suspect in a decade-old investigation, when a prominent civil servant disappeared without trace.  DCI Karen Pirie was the last detective to review the file and is drawn into a sinister world of betrayal and dark secrets.

But Karen is already grappling with another case, one with even more questions and fewer answers.  A skeleton has been discovered in an abandoned campervan and all clues point to a killer who never faced justice – a killer who is still out there.

In her search for the truth, Karen uncovers a network of lies that has gone unchallenged for years.  But lies and secrets can turn deadly when someone is determined to keep them hidden for good…

The Shadow Friend (September 2020)

By Alex North

September 7, 2020

Twenty-five years ago, troubled teenager Charlie Crabtree committed a shocking and unprovoked murder.

For Paul Adams, it’s a day he’ll never forget.  Charlie’s victim was his friend – and so was Charlie.  He’s never forgiven himself for his part in what happened.  He’s never gone back home.

But when his elderly mother has a fall, it’s finally time to stop running.

It’s not long before things start to go wrong.  A copycat killer has struck, bringing back painful memories.  Paul’s mother is distressed, insistent there’s something in the house.  And someone is following him.

Which reminds him of the most unsettling thing about that awful day twenty-five years ago.

It wasn’t just the murder.

It was the fact that afterwards Charlie Crabtree was never seen again…

Corpse Light (September 2020)

By Angela Slatter

September 7, 2020

Life in Brisbane is never simple for those who walk between the worlds.

Verity’s all about protecting her city, but right now that’s mostly handling the less exciting cases for the Weyrd Council – after all, it’s hard to chase the bad guys through the streets of Brisbane when you’re really, really pregnant.

An insurance investigation sounds pretty harmless, even if it is for ‘Unusual Happenstance’.  That’s not usually a clause Normals use – it covers all-purpose hauntings, angry genii loci, ectoplasmic home invasion, demonic possession, that sort of thing – but Susan Beckett’s house keeps getting inundated with mud.  She’s still insisting she doesn’t need or want help…until the day-land drownings begin.

And do the watery murders have anything to do with the Kitsune assassins, or the mysterious woman with super-quick reflexes and a super-sharp blade who appears to be protecting V and her unborn child?

The Silent Wife (September 2020)

By Karin Slaughter

September 7, 2020

He watches.

A woman runs alone in the woods.  She convinces herself she has no reason to be afraid, but she is wrong.  A predator is stalking the woman of Grant County.  He lingers in the shadows, until the time is just right to snatch his victim.

He waits.

A decade later, the case has been closed.  The killer is behind bars.  But then another young woman is brutally attacked and left for dead, and the MO is identical.

He takes.

Although the original trail has gone cold – memories have faded, witnesses have disappeared – agent Will Trent and forensic pathologist Sara Linton must re-open the cold case.  But the clock is ticking, and the killer is determined to find his perfect silent wife…

Redhead by the Side of the Road (September 2020)

By Anne Tyler

September 7, 2020

Micah Mortimer isn’t the most polished person you’ll ever meet.  His numerous sisters and in-laws regard him oddly but very fondly, yet he has his ways and means of navigating the world.  He measures out his days running errands for work – his TECH HERMIT sign cheerily displayed on the roof of his car – maintaining an impeccable cleaning regime and going for runs (7:15, every morning).  He is content with the steady balance of his life.

But then the order of things starts to tilt.  His woman friend Cassia (he refuses to call anyone in her late thirties a ‘girlfriend’) tells him she’s facing eviction because of a cat.  And when a teenager shows up at Micah’s door claiming to be his son, Micah is confronted with another surprise he seems poorly equipped to handle.

Redhead by the Side of the Road is an intimate look into the heart and mind of a man who sometimes finds those around him just out of reach – and a love story about the differences that make us all unique.

Final Cut (September 2020)

By S. J. Watson

September 7, 2020

Blackwood Bay.  An ordinary place, home to ordinary people.

It used to be a buzzing seaside destination.  Now, ravaged by the effects of dwindling tourism and economic downturn, it’s a ghost town – and the perfect place for film-maker Alex to shoot her new documentary.

But the community is deeply suspicious of her intentions.  After all, nothing exciting ever happens in Blackwood Bay – or does it?

Blackwood Bay.  An ordinary place, home to an extraordinary secret.

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