Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: All of Us and Everything

By Bridget Asher

October 1, 2016

Reviewed on Wireless Books Otago Access Radio 105.4FM 29 October 2016 also on podcast

What if you learn something as an adult that makes you question your entire childhood?

This is the scenario the Rockwell sisters are face with.

Eldest child, control-freak, perfect wife and mother.  In fact, her husband has run off with his dentist and their teenage daughter is live-tweeting the entire mess to her 3,000 followers.

Middle child, fiance stealer, squatter.  Holed up in her ex-husband’s apartment with her acupuncturist and a bottle of whiskey.

Youngest child, writer, runaway.  Hopes to find inspiration for her second novel by studying the behaviour of elephants – and fleeing her fiance.

One-by-one the siblings return to the family home, where an even bigger drama unfolds.  A box of old letters is delivered to the house containing the answer to the mystery they have all lived with, until now: who was their father, and why the hell did he disappear?

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