Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Still Life (September 2020)

By Val McDermid

September 7, 2020

‘The bodies never stay buried for ever …’

On a freezing winter morning, fishermen pull a body from the sea.  It is quickly discovered that the dead man was the prime suspect in a decade-old investigation, when a prominent civil servant disappeared without trace.  DCI Karen Pirie was the last detective to review the file and is drawn into a sinister world of betrayal and dark secrets.

But Karen is already grappling with another case, one with even more questions and fewer answers.  A skeleton has been discovered in an abandoned campervan and all clues point to a killer who never faced justice – a killer who is still out there.

In her search for the truth, Karen uncovers a network of lies that has gone unchallenged for years.  But lies and secrets can turn deadly when someone is determined to keep them hidden for good…

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