Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Blitz Detective (December 2020)

By Mike Hollow

December 8, 2020

Saturday 7th September, 1940.  The sun is shining, and in the midst of the good weather Londoners could be mistaken for forgetting their country is at war – until the wail of the air-raid sirens heralds an enemy attack.  The Blitz has started, and normal life has abruptly ended – but crime has not.

That night a man’s body is discovered in an unmarked van in the back streets of West Ham.  When Detective Inspector John Jago is called to the scene, he recognises the victim: Charles Villiers, local Justice of the Peace.  The death looks suspicious, but when a German bomb obliterates all evidence, Jago’s job to find the truth gets a lot more complicated.

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