Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Unheard (November 2021)

By Nicci French

November 16, 2021

‘He did kill.  Kill and kill and kill.’

Tess’s number one priority is her three-year-old daughter Poppy.  But splitting up with Poppy’s father, Jason, means that she cannot always be there to keep her daughter safe.

When Tess finds a disturbing drawing, dark and menacing, among Poppy’s brightly-coloured paintings, she is convinced that Poppy has witnessed something terrible.  Something that her young mind is struggling to put into words.

But no one will listen.  It’s only a child’s drawing, isn’t it?

Tess will strive to protect Poppy, whatever it takes.  But when she doesn’t know what, or who, she is protecting her from, how can she know who to trust..?

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