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Wish You Were Here by Catherine Alliott (March 2015)

Oh I do wish you were here...

Here am I, Flora Murray-Brown, on what should be the holiday of a lifetime, in a terrifically swanky chateau lent to us by a world famous singer - long story - and everyone I really don't wish was here has rocked up.

Both daughters' boyfriends - don't get me started on the sleeping arrangements - my mother with some vastly unsuitable younger man, Lizzie, my best friend, threatening someone even younger, and now my two unspeakable sisters-in-law have muscled their way in too.  Deeply disapproving Rachel and scarily competitive Sally are even now speeding through the vineyards of Provence to my house!

And if that wasn't enough, there's a dodgy French gardener making eyes at me over the lavender whilst his gimlet-eyed housekeeper wife sharpens knives in the kitchen.  Oh - and did I mention my husband, James, has got the hots for the famous singer?  All I need now is for an ex-boyfriend to appear and my nightmare will be complete...
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