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Recent books

The Son by Philipp Meyer (May 2015)

Three stories of one family combine to produce nothing less than a standout epic of and for our time.

Eli McCullough was born in 1836, the year the Republic of Texas was declared an independent state.  The first child of this new republic.  Eight years later he and his brother are kidnapped.

Eli learns the ways of the Comanches as they battle to survive the incursions of the white settlers.  His progress within the tribe is matched by the tribe's own perilous journey, and an epidemic endangers its future.  Eli is forced to leave and pursue his life elsewhere.  He falls in love, has children and becomes a Ranger, but finds it hard to break his Comanche memories and ways.

Eli's son, Peter McCullough, endures the First World War and several Mexican attacks.  His diaries tell of momentous and dangerous times as he tries to maintain the dynasty begun by his father.

At the age of eighty-six, Jeanne Anne McCullough is the fifth richest woman in Texas.  She has had a fall and is perilously close to death.  As she goes in and out of consciousness, she tells her own history: battling to keep the family alive; battling to prevent the large scale acquisitive oil companies from buying her land, battling to hold on to her largesse and her legacy.
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