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Victoria by Daisy Goodwin (November 2016)

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin (November 2016)Reviewed on Wireless Books Otago Assess Radio 105.4FM 26 November 2016 also on podcast

'I do not care for the name Alexandrina.  Now that I am Queen, I have decided I shall call myself by my middle name, Victoria.  It is my own'

In June 1837, the eighteen-year-old Victoria wakes up to find that she is Queen of the most powerful nation in the world.  But will she be Queen in her own right, or a puppet controlled by her mother and the sinister Sir John Conroy?  Can this tiny girl prevail against the men like her uncle, the Duke of Cumberland, who believe that women are too hysterical to rule?

Everyone wants her to get married, but Victoria has no intention of entering into a marriage of convenience with her cousin Albert, a shy bookworm who didn't know how to dance the last time she met him.  She would much rather reign alone with a little help from her Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne.  He may be old enough to be her father, but he is the only man who believes that she will be a great Queen, and he knows how to make her laugh.  A husband would only get in the way...
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