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The Whistler by John Grisham (November 2016)

The Whistler by John Grisham (November 2016)Investigating judicial misconduct by Florida's one thousand judges.  Lacy Stoltz never expected to be in the firing line.  Until she meets Greg Myers.

An indicted lawyer working under an assumed name.  Myers represents a whistle blower who knows of a judge in league with organised crime.  A judge who, together with her gangster associates, facilitated the building of a casino on an Indian reservation.  Anyone who opposed the casino is dead.

Having skimmed several fortunes off undeclared winnings, this might be the most corrupt judge in US history and under Florida law, Myers and his whistle blower friend could make millions by bringing these activities to the attention of the state.

But first they need Lucy to start an investigation.  In doing so she will be pitting herself against a judge whose associates think nothing of murder.
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