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Leap of Faith by Jenny Pattrick (December 2017)

Leap of Faith by Jenny Pattrick (December 2017)From the bestselling author of The Denniston Rose

Billy is a young, impressionable dreamer.  In 1907, he strikes off on his own, keen to prove himself an able worker on the new railroad.  It's being cut through steep mountainsides and across deep gullies to join the two ends of the Main Trunk Line.  Also drawn to the remote worker settlements are miners from Denniston, young men fresh off the boat, sly-groggers, temperance campaigners, women following their menfolk, local Maori and a varied assortment of people after a new life or a quick buck.

Among them is a preacher, Gabriel Locke, who is running from a shady past and determined to avoid the daily grind.  With untimely and suspicious deaths, the horrendous weather, impossible deadlines, the rugged landscape and  a blossoming romance, it will take a lot more than a leap of faith for this disparate group to complete the railroad and build the magnificent Makatote viaduct...
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