Dunedin Athenaeum & Mechanics Institute News Feed http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz Dunedin Athenaeum & Mechanics Institute Lunchtime reading: The Birds and the Bees http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/27/Lunchtime-reading-The-Birds-and-the-BeesAs part of the Dunedin Writers &amp; Readers Festival the Athenaeum hosted readings by two finalists in 2017 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.&nbsp; Barbara Brookes who actually won the Illustrated Non-Fiction category with A History of New Zealand Women and Emma Neale who missed out in the fiction category for Bill Bird.&nbsp; Emma who is also a successful poet had many people commetting afterwards how poetic her prose is and Barbara had us experiencing flashbacks of how unfair things were for women back in the good old days.&nbsp; They both provided us plenty of food for thought.1495454400http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/27/Lunchtime-reading-The-Birds-and-the-Beeshttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz779Lunchtime reading: The Birds and the Bees http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/27/Lunchtime-reading-The-Birds-and-the-Bees Songwriters Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/26/Songwriters-Dunedin-Writers-Readers-Festival-2017The Athenaeum hosted an incredible event.&nbsp; Three Dunedin songwriters performed and discussed their writing processes.&nbsp; Dunedin It Girl Nadia Reid, Karl Bray and mystery guest Bianca Prujean. The Athenaeum library space has lofty ceilings to store plenty of books but as a wonderful bonus the space has great sound quality.&nbsp;&nbsp;Sitting at the back&nbsp;at the librarians&nbsp;desk I got chills along my spine as the whole library vibrated with great music.&nbsp;1495022400http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/26/Songwriters-Dunedin-Writers-Readers-Festival-2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz770Songwriters Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/26/Songwriters-Dunedin-Writers-Readers-Festival-2017 Rising Stars Event - Lunchtime reading 11 May 2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/25/Rising-Stars-Event-Lunchtime-reading-11-May-2017The Athenaeum held a lovely lunchtime reading of five young poets as part of the Dunedin Writers &amp; Readers Festival.&nbsp; Otago Access Radio is doing a series called Profile of 20 Young Poets and the Youth Co-ordinator Domi Angelo-Laloli organised for some of them to give a public reading.&nbsp; There was a hush in the room as the poets read and afterwards everyone was elated by the high standard of what they had been lucky enough to hear.1494936000http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/25/Rising-Stars-Event-Lunchtime-reading-11-May-2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz751Rising Stars Event - Lunchtime reading 11 May 2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/25/Rising-Stars-Event-Lunchtime-reading-11-May-2017 Chain Reaction Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival Wednesday 10 May 2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/24/Chain-Reaction-Dunedin-Writers-Readers-Festival-Wednesday-10-May-2017The Athenaeum was the venue for another success group book launch or &#39;Chain Reaction&#39;.<br /> <br /> There was Peter Olds&#39; with his new poetry collection <em>Taking My Jacket for a Walk</em>, Paddy Richardson&#39;s novel <em>Through the Lonesome Dark,</em> Victor Billot&#39;s poetry <em>Ambient Terror,</em> Huberta Hellendoorn&#39;s memoir <em>Astride a Fierce Wind</em> and John Gibb&#39;s poetry collection <em>Walking by a River of Light</em>.<br /> <br /> All the readings were very well received by the large gathering.1494849600http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/24/Chain-Reaction-Dunedin-Writers-Readers-Festival-Wednesday-10-May-2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz746Chain Reaction Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival Wednesday 10 May 2017http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/24/Chain-Reaction-Dunedin-Writers-Readers-Festival-Wednesday-10-May-2017 Successful Art Trailhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/23/Successful-Art-TrailThe use of the Athenaeum Library&#39;s rooms as a pit stop for the people doing the Labour Party&#39;s Art Trail (afterall we can not live on art alone!) was a great success.<br /> Jackie kindly volunteered her Sunday to attend and sign up new members and here are some of the photos she took of the day.1478948400http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/23/Successful-Art-Trailhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz577Successful Art Trailhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/23/Successful-Art-Trail Dunedin City Art Trailhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/22/Dunedin-City-Art-TrailOn Sunday 13 November 2016 from 10.30am to 4pm the New Zealand Labour Party is holding an art trail around the city and the Athenaeum will be the refreshment venue for hords of thirsty art lovers.<br /> <br /> Tickets are $20.00 each and to purchase tickets, call Islay: (03) 473 0278 or email her at: <a href="mailto:islaylittle@gmail.com">islaylittle@gmail.com</a><br /> <br /> This years&nbsp;featured artists are:<br /> Janet de Wagt - www.janetdewagt.com<br /> Claire Beynon - www.clairebeynon.com<br /> Savoie de Lacy - www.savoiedelacy.com<br /> Pat and David Corballis - www.corballis-art.co.nz<br /> Robert Piggott - www.robpiggott.com<br /> Tony Williams - twgold.co.nz<br /> James Bellaney - www.facebook.com/jamesbellaneyartist.page<br /> Victoria McIntosh - www.victoriamcintosh.co.nz<br /> John Z Robinson - www.moraygallery.co.nz/artists/john-z-robinson<br /> Potters Co-Op - www.facebook.com/Stuart-Street-Potters-Co-operative-205694716119178<br /> <br /> The attached image is called Graduation Day and is by Robert Piggott from his most&nbsp;recent exhibition1477393200http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/22/Dunedin-City-Art-Trailhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz567Dunedin City Art Trailhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/22/Dunedin-City-Art-Trail An Evening with Holmes at the Athenaeum Libraryhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/21/An-Evening-with-Holmes-at-the-Athenaeum-LibraryOur Evening with Holmes on the 6th of October was a great sucess with a good turn out to hear Barry Dorking read The Mystery of the White Stick.&nbsp; Everyone agreed that it was incredibly soothing to be read to and they hope for more events like this - so watch this space we are working on it!1476097200http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/21/An-Evening-with-Holmes-at-the-Athenaeum-Libraryhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz479An Evening with Holmes at the Athenaeum Libraryhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/21/An-Evening-with-Holmes-at-the-Athenaeum-Library An Evening with Holmes at the Athenaeum Libraryhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/20/An-Evening-with-Holmes-at-the-Athenaeum-LibraryThe Dunedin Athenaeum invites you to an evening of conviviality with a reading by the eminent Dunedin thespian Mr Barry Dorking from Dr Edwin Nye&#39;s tale of intrigue and investigation by the legendary detective Mr Sherlock Holmes in the story of the &quot;Mystery of the White stick&quot;.<br /> Followed by refreshments<br /> 7pm on Thursday 6 October, Athenaeum Library, 24 the Octagon, Dunedin<br /> $15 for non-Athenaeum members or join the Athenaeum for the reduced subscription of $55 (normally $69)<br /> To register for the evening please email: <a href="mailto:librarian@dunedinathenaeum.org.nz">librarian@dunedinathenaeum.org.nz</a> or phone: 477 62741475146800http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/20/An-Evening-with-Holmes-at-the-Athenaeum-Libraryhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz470An Evening with Holmes at the Athenaeum Libraryhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/20/An-Evening-with-Holmes-at-the-Athenaeum-Library Dunedin High Schools 2nd Annual Poetry Slamhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/19/Dunedin-High-Schools-2nd-Annual-Poetry-SlamOn Wednesday night an excited group of poetry lovers gathered to perform and listen to mostly original poetry at the Athenaeum Library.<br /> <br /> Last years Secondary schools Poetry Slam was so popular they decided to hold it again.<br /> <br /> We had fewer people attending this time which was a pity because we all agreed that the standard of peotry and performance was even better than last year.1474372800http://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/19/Dunedin-High-Schools-2nd-Annual-Poetry-Slamhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz460Dunedin High Schools 2nd Annual Poetry Slamhttp://www.dunedinathenaeum.org.nz/news/19/Dunedin-High-Schools-2nd-Annual-Poetry-Slam