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It is always lovely to get a compliment.  The ABC has been going a few years now and has settled into a small but dedicated band.  After our last meeting I received the following lovely email from one of our members.

Just  wanted  you to know  how much  I  enjoy  book club.  Pretty  well all  my  reading  for  decades was  work  related  and  so  it is  wonderful  to  be able  to  read  for  pleasure..and  have  good  company…

We are not a super serious book group – often we just put the world to rights and barely mention the book of the month but one thing is guaranteed – a pleasant evening with good company.  The Book Club is open to every member of the Athenaeum Library and meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month.  If you fancy a glass of wine, munching chips and shooting the breeze we might be the book group for you.

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