Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Booth (June 2022)

By Karen Joy Fowler

June 14, 2022

Six brothers and sisters.  One terrible act that will shatter their bond forever.

In 1822, Junius Booth – disgraced Englishman, celebrated Shakespearean actor and master of the house in all ways – moves his family to a remote cabin outside Baltimore.  Year by year, the country draws closer to the boiling point of civil war.

Of the six Booth siblings who survive to adulthood, each has their own dreams they must fight to realise, and each must fight to emerge from the shadows of their talented but unstable father.  But it is Johnny who makes the terrible decision that will change the course of history – to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

Vivid, perceptive and troublingly relevant to the world of today, Booth is a profound, sweeping novel focused on the very things that bind, and break, a family.

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