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Book: … but I digress (June 2023)

By Lois Galer

June 8, 2023

If Lois Galer is remembered for one trait, it would be for being somewhat outspoken, particularly when it comes to protecting Dunedin’s rich historic heritage, about which Lois has written five books.  But there are other issues that have aroused her passion, too, like promoting equal opportunities and rights for women, and broadening the horizons of those who for generations have been hidden behind their aprons.

That she chose outside employment over schoolwork before she turned 15, was never a disadvantage to her.  She simply saw it as a chance to move onwards and upwards in her chosen fields, with motherhood neatly slotted between career changes.  As an only and lonely child, Lois was determined from the start that things would be different for her children.  She and her seafaring husband Bill had three daughters in under four years.  From then on life became a roller coaster of adventurers with travel, career changes and with another couple, a foray into the international business world with a cure for smelly feet!  Taking early retirement, the two moved to Central Otago to run a backpacker lodge and restore an early gold-miner’s cottage where Lois wrote her sixth book, Time to Smell the Roses.

In her memoir…but I digress Lois’s journey through life is largely centred on her love of Dunedin, its built heritage, its beauty and its social scene before TV, which will no doubt jog the memories of many of her contemporaries.

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