Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Greta & Valdin (August 2022)

By Rebecca K Reilly

August 8, 2022

Valdin is still in love with his ex-boyfriend Xabi, who used to drive around Auckland in a ute but now drives around Buenos Aires in one.  Greta is in love with her fellow English tutor Holly, who doesn’t know how to pronounce Greta’s surname, Valdisavljevic, properly.

From their Auckland apartment, brother and sister must navigate the intricate paths of modern romance as well as weather the small storms of their eccentric Maori-Russian-Catalonian family.  This beguiling and hilarious novel by Adam Foundation Prize winner Rebecca K Reilly owns as much to Shakespeare as it does to Tinder.  Set in a world that is deeply familiar (but also a bit sexier and more stylish than the real one), Greta & Valdin will speak to anyone who has had their heart broken, or had decided that they don’t want to be a physicist anymore, or has wondered about all the things they don’t know about their family.

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