Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Oh Miriam! (May2024)

By Miriam Margolyes

June 4, 2024

Oh Miriam! has been a constant refrain in my life, said in all kinds of tones- laughs, surprised gasps and orgasmic sighs (I’m hoping for all of those from you as you read on!) – that it had to be the title of the book. And with a cast list that stretches from Churchill to DiCaprico, Dahl to Dietrich, Princess Margaret to Maggie Smith, I’ve so much more to tell you and so much more to say.

My chapters range from ‘How to Stay Married’ to ‘Don’t let the Bastards Get You Down’. Discover how to break the thickest conversational ice; why swearing is actually good for you (though not on the Today programme); the unexpected things I learned at school and what my Spice Girl name would be. Not to mention my Tale of the Unexpected and my very own Vagina Monologue.



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