Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Simply Lies (May 2023)

By David Baldacci

May 16, 2023

A street detective turned cyber-investigator

Following a disastrous divorce, former New Jersey detective Mickey Gibson is now employed by global investigation company ProEye to track down some of the extremely wealthy who seem bent on not paying their debts.  Mickey misses police work, but it made no room for her new role as the sole carer of her two young children.

A woman of mystery

When Mickey is asked by Arlene Robinson a colleague from ProEye, to inventory an old mansion owned by Rutger Novak, a notorious former arms dealer, she discovers a long-decomposed body in a secret room.  Apparently, Novak has cheated ProEye clients out of millions in the past and now they want to nail him.

As the police investigation begins, they discover that there is no Arlene Robinson working for ProEye.  Nor does the mansion with a body belong to Novak.  The dead man is a local, wealthy recluse with a mysterious past.  Mickey is in trouble for being duped, but ‘Arlene’ is very clever and seems able to convince anyone of anything.

A dangerous game

A sinister and compelling cat-and-mouse contest begins between Mickey and the woman with a secret agenda – who has no name and seemingly no morals or empathy, and who harbours one big secret.

But will the schocking revelation of her true identity be too late to save her and Mickey?

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