Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: Six Days (November 2023)

By Dani Atkins

November 22, 2023

Two people.  One love story.  Six days.

Gemma knows that she and Finn are destined to be together.  They are soulmates.  But then, on their wedding day, he never arrives at the church.

Gemma is convinced Finn wouldn’t abandon her like this, even though he has disappeared once before.  But back then he had a reason.  She feels sure something terrible has happened, but no one else is convinced.  Even the police aren’t concerned, telling Gemma most people who disappear usually turn up in a week… assuming they want to be found, that is.

For the next six days Gemma frantically searches for Finn, even though every shocking revelation is telling her to give up on him.  Soon she even begins to doubt her own memories of their love.

How long can she hold on to her faith in Finn if everyone is telling her to let him go?

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