Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Future Future (December 2023)

By Adam Thirlwell

December 11, 2023

A wild story of female friendship, language and power, from France to colonial America to the moon, from 1775 to this very moment: a historical novel like no other

It’s the eighteenth century, and Celine is in trouble.  Her husband is mostly absent.  Her parents are elsewhere.  And meanwhile men are inventing stories about her – about her affairs, her sexuality, her orgies and addictions.  All these stories are lies, but the public loves them – spreading them like a virus.  Celine can only watch as her name becomes a symbol for everything rotten in society.

This is a world of decadence and saturation, of lavish parties and private salons, of tulle and satin and sex and violence.  It’s also one ruled by men – high on colonial genocide, natural destruction, crimes against women and, above all, language.  To survive, Celine and her friends must band together in search of justice, truth and beauty.

Fantastical, funny and blindingly bright.  The Future Future follows one woman on an urgently contemporary quest to clear her name and change the world.

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