Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Pain Tourist (December 2022)

By Paul Cleave

December 6, 2022

This dream doesn’t feel like a dream.  He tries to lift his head.  Can’t do it.  There is a doorway to his left, and beyond it a brightly lit corridor.  Somebody walks past – a nurse…

James Garrett was critically injured when he was shot following his parents’ murder, and no one expected him to waken from a deep, traumatic coma.  When he does, nine years later, Detective Inspector Rebecca Kent is tasked with closing the case.

But between that, and hunting for a murderer on a spree, she’ll need the help of Theodore Tate … especially when they learn that James has lived out another life in his nine-year coma, and there are things he couldn’t possibly know.

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