Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Secret (November 2023)

By Lee Child and Andrew Child

November 22, 2023

Chicago.  1992.  A hospital patient wakes to find two strangers by his bed.

They show him a list of names and ask a simple but impossible question.  Minutes later he falls to his death from his twelfth-floor window – a fall which generates some unexpected attention.

That attention comes from the Secretary of Defense, who calls for an inter-agency task force to investigate.  Jack Reacher, recently demoted from Major, is assigned as the army’s representative.  If he gets a result, great.  If not, he’s a convenient fall guy.

Reacher may be an exceptional military investigator, but office politics aren’t what get him up in the morning.  As he races to identify a cold-blooded killer and uncover a secret that stretches back twenty years, he must navigate around his new partners.

Will Reacher bring the bad guys to justice the official way … or his way?

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