Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Book: The Tilt (December 2022)

By Chris Hammer

December 6, 2022

A man runs for his life in a forest.  A woman plans sabotage.  A body is unearthed.

Newly-minted homicide detective Nell Buchanan returns to her home town, annoyed at being assigned a decades-old murder – a ‘file and forget’.

But this is no ordinary case, as the discovery of more bodies triggers a chain of escalating events in the present day.  As Nell starts to join the pieces together, she begins to question how well she truly knows those closest to her.  Could her own family be implicated in the crimes?

The nearer Nell comes to uncovering the secrets of the past, the more dangerous the present becomes for her, as she battles shadowy assailants and sinister forces.  Can she survive this harrowing investigation and what price will she have to pay for the truth?

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