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September 2018 Newsletter


It is always slightly anxiety provoking holding an event.  After the initial excitement of coming up with what you think is a good idea, you start to harbour doubts as the nominated date comes closer and all the ways that things could go wrong begin to haunt you.  So I am delighted and slightly smug to report that our Dan Davin event drew a full house.  Much as I’d like to, I cannot claim any of the glory.  We are very lucky to have Phillippa Duffy the manager of the University Book Shop on our Committee and her passion for the work of Dan Davin and her contacts in the publishing world drove this.  So a big thank you Phillippa.

Those of you who are members of our facebook group may have noticed that the Otago branch of the Society of Authors is now holding monthly saloons in the Athenaeum with a changing group of speakers.  These are open to all comers so feel free to go along if anything captures your interest.  Their next session is on Monday the 8th of October starting at 7pm and features Wellington poets Jenny Bernholdt and Greg O’Brien as well as local painter and poet Claire Beynon.

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