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Month: November 2020

The Sentinel (November 2020)

By Lee Child and Andrew Child

November 17, 2020

Jack Reacher gets off the bus in a sleepy no-name town outside Nashville, Tennessee.  He plans to grab a cup of coffee and move right along.

Not going to happen.

The town has been shut down by a cyber attack.  At the centre of it all, whether he likes it or not, is Rusty Rutherford.  He’s an average IT guy, but he knows more than he thinks.

As the bad guys move in on Rusty, Reacher moves in on them…

And now Rusty knows he’s protected, he’s never going to leave the big man’s side.

Reacher might just have to stick around and find out what the hell’s gone wrong…and then put it right, like only he can.

V2 (November 2020)

By Robert Harris

November 17, 2020

‘The first rocket will hit London in five minutes.  You have six minutes to stop the second.’

Rudi Graf has dreamt since childhood of sending a rocket to the moon.  Instead, along with his friend Wernher von Braun, he has helped create the world’s most sophisticated weapon – the V2 ballistic missile, capable of delivering a one-ton warhead that travels at three times the speed of sound.

In a desperate gamble to avoid defeat, Hitler orders ten thousand to be built.

Now, in the winter of 1944, Graf finds himself in a bleak seaside town in occupied Holland.  Haunted and disillusioned, he’s tasked with firing the V2s at London.  Nobody understands the volatile, deadly machine better than he does.

Kay Caton-Walsh is an officer in the WAAF.  She has experienced first-hand the horror of a V2 strike.  As the rockets rain down, she joins a unit of WAAFs on a mission to newly liberated Belgium.  Armed with little more than a slide rule and a few equations, Kay and her colleagues hope to locate and destroy the launch sites.

But for every action on one side, there is an equal and opposite reaction on the other.  As the death toll soars, the separate stories of Graf and Kay ricochet off one another until, in a final explosion of violence, their destines are forced together.

The Survivors (November 2020)

By Jane Harper

November 13, 2020

Kieran Elliott’s life changed forever on the day a reckless mistake led to devastating consequences.

The guilt that still haunts him resurfaces during a visit with his young family to the small coastal community he once called home.

Kieran’s parents are struggling in a town where fortunes are forged by the sea.  Between them all is his absent brother, Finn.

When a body is discovered on the beach, long-held secrets threaten to emerge.  A sunken wreck, a missing girl, and questions that have never washed away…

Trust (November 2020)

By Chris Hammer

November 13, 2020

She breathes deeply, trying to quell the rising sense of panic.  A detective came to her home, drugged her and kidnapped her.  She tries to make sense of it, to imagine alternatives, but only one conclusion is possible: it’s the past, come to claim her.

Martin Scarsden’s new life seems perfect, right up until the moment it’s shattered by a voicemail: a single scream, abruptly cut off, from his partner Mandalay Blonde.

Racing home, he finds an unconscious man sprawled on the floor and Mandy gone.  Someone has abducted her.  But who, and why?

So starts a twisting tale of intrigue and danger, as Martin probes the past of the woman he loves, a woman who has buried her former life so deep she has never mentioned it.

And for the first time, Mandy finds denial impossible, now the body of a mystery man has been discovered, a man whose name she doesn’t know, a man she was engaged to marry when he died.  It’s time to face her demons once and for all; it’s time she learned how to trust.

The Dressmaker’s Secret (November 2020)

By Rosalie Ham

November 13, 2020

She’s back!
The number 1 bestselling novel continues…

A unique Australian classic of revenge, small town secrets and high fashion, The Dressmaker was a worldwide phenomenon, the movie adaptation a box office sensation.  Now bestselling author Rosalie Ham rejoins her famous dressmaker, Tilly Dunnage, two years after she left her home town in flames.

Now it is 1953 and the fashion pages are awash with royal fever.  The young queen’s coronation means a season of society balls and a rush to reproduce the latest styles of the Houses of Dior, Valentino and Ballenciaga.  Why, then is the best dressmaker in Melbourne squandering her talents in a second-rate Collins Street salon?  From whom, or what, is she hiding?

Home Stretch (November 2020)

By Graham Norton

November 13, 2020

It is 1987 and a small Irish community is preparing for a wedding.  The day before the ceremony a group of young friends, including the bride and groom, drive out to the beach.  There is an accident.  Three survive, but three are killed.

The lives of the families are shattered and the rifts between them are felt throughout the small town.  Connor is one of the survivors.  But staying among the angry and the mourning is almost as hard as living with the shame of having been the driver.  He leaves the only place he knows for another life, taking his secrets with him.  Travelling first to Liverpool, then London, he makes a home – of sorts – for himself in New York.  The city provides shelter and possibility for the displaced, somewhere Connor can forget his past and forge a new life.

But the secrets, the unspoken longings and regrets that have come to haunt those left behind will not be silenced.  And before long Connor will have to confront his past.

The Thursday Murder Club (November 2020)

By Richard Osman

November 11, 2020

In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up once a week to investigate unsolved murders.

But when a brutal killing takes place on their very doorstep, the Thursday Murder Club find themselves in the middle of their first live case.

Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

A Song for the Dark Times (November 2020)

By Ian Rankin

November 11, 2020

‘He’s gone…’

When his daughter Samantha calls in the dead of night, John Rebus knows it’s not good news.  Her husband has been missing for two days.

Rebus fears the worst – and knows from his lifetime in the police that his daughter will be the prime suspect.

He wasn’t the best father – the job always came first – but now his daughter needs him more than ever.  But is he going as a father or a detective?

As he leaves at dawn to the windswept coast – and a small town with big secrets – he wonders whether this might be the first time in his life where the truth is the one thing he doesn’t want to find…


When She Was Good (November 2020)

By Michael Robotham

November 11, 2020

She has secrets

Six years ago, Evie Cormac was found hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a shocking crime, but nobody has ever discovered her real name or where she came from, because everybody who tries ends up dead.

He needs answers

Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven believes the truth will set Evie free.  Ignoring her warnings he begins digging into her past, only to disturb a hornet’s nest of corrupt and powerful people, who have been waiting to find Evie – the last witness to their crimes.

The truth will not set Evie free.  It will get them killed.

The second explosive novel featuring brilliant forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven, from the number one bestselling author of The Other Wife and The Secrets She Keeps.

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